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How This Video Marketing Framework Can Maximize Your Podcast’s Reach With Ken Okazaki Of The Content Capitalists

  With TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook and Instagram Reels, videos have undeniably become the biggest form of content today. If you have a podcast, then it should be something you need to take advantage of. Ken Okazaki helps... Read More

Increase Your Visibility And Create A More Authoritative Podcast With Alastair McDermott of The Recognized Authority

Expertise is not the same as authority. The difference is having that visibility and recognition in your target market. In this episode, Tracy Hazzard chats with Alastair McDermott about how you can increase your visibility to create a more authoritative... Read More

How To Strategically Analyze Your Podcast Metrics That Helps Elevate Your Show With Marion Abrams Of Grounded Content Podcast (Podfaded)

What are the podcast metrics you have to consider when putting out your first episode? Marion Abrams joins us today to share her experience in boosting podcast shows. Marion is a podcasting producer, coach, and consultant with deep experience in... Read More

Advice on How to Make a Pain Point First Podcast Sales Model Profit with Tara Newman of the Bold Money Revolution Podcast

Putting the pain point first of a prospective customer isn’t always something we do, but it’s crucial to success. What do we need to do in focusing on the customer’s pain points? We find out in this episode as Tracy... Read More

Podfading? Make Time To Affirm Your Purpose And Change Your Pace Just Like Brodie Welch Of A Healthy Curiosity Podcast (Podfaded)

With a lot of podcast shows today, especially during this time of everything virtual, many of them undergo the process of podfading. Some may not be that visible as usual, while others are now completely gone without any update. Tracy... Read More

Podcasting In The Virtual Summit Space With Dr. Mark T. Wade (Podfaded)

Sometimes, it pays off to be clear about what niche you are serving in your podcast. Dr. Mark T. Wade, founder and CEO of Virtual Summits, is pretty straightforward about it: his podcast is about virtual summits, so he names... Read More

Podcasting Your Funny Marriage: Creating Content Using Your Personal Life With Jessie Artigue (Podfaded)

Using your personal life in producing content is far from revolutionary, but it can be difficult. There are so many things to consider: your family, friends, work, among a host of other things. Besides being a style expert with experience... Read More