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What Happens Next…

Please be patient we get hundreds of submissions each month and someone manually vets each and every one by checking out your site and show. We also match and group shows by themes and categories so you may be waiting a little bit for your feature. Don’t get discouraged though, we will email you to let you know once you make the short list!

While You Are Waiting…

One of the best ways to show that you have a great show and deserve to be featured is to engage right away. Here are ways that you can engage AND get Tracy’s attention – so you rise to the top of the list:

  1. Check out The Binge Factor and Subscribe, Rate and Review
  2. Follow Tracy on Social Media using the following links
  3. White List our email with your email service or check your spam regularly for your email invitation.

Give By Recommending a Podcaster!

Podcasters and passionate podcast listeners can recommend any podcast they like. (Remember, we’re being generous, so pay it forward to other podcasters!) It’s that simple. Send them to the #GivingTuesdayPodcasts Form to apply. You can also spread your recommendations via social media using hashtag #givingtuesdaypodcasts.