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Step #1:

Check out this episode of the show with Kim Seltzer of The Charisma Quotient to get a feel for the flow of the show. 

TBF 43 | Host Charisma

Step #2:

Friend or Follow Tracy Hazzard on Social Media using the following links so she can promote and tag you when your episode airs.

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Tracy’s company, Brandcasters, is extending an invite to their exclusive FB Group (usually reserved for clients only). You can access all their marketing, monetization, and promotion coaching and get weekly mentoring from Tracy and Tom Hazzard. Plus you will get to meet other top podcasters like you! Go to our FB Group here and join.

What do you get from an interview on The Binge Factor?

1) A video, podcast, and blog of the interview linking back to you, your show, and your website.

2) Automatically get featured on 10+ podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and iHeart through our distribution channels and our 25,000+ listeners per month.

3) Automatic promotion through the 50,000+ weekly reach in our newsletter and web traffic.

4) Receive on-going promotion and featured positioning in our multiple social media platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

5) You will receive a full graphics marketing package with a quote from Tracy Hazzard about you or your show, including video clip and audiogram.

6) Within a month of the podcast airing, you will be featured in an article on Being Bingeable in Authority Magazine.

7) One or more of tips you provide on our show may be included in a roll-up style article on BuzzFeed. (No guarantees here though – it is completely up to their editorial staff.)

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Authority Magazine

Tracy Hazzard's Mission

Tracy has interviewed,  showcased and featured over 2600 podcasters, innovators, entrepreneurs, executives, brands, and businesses. 

She believes in multi-media brand marketing with a podcaster-centric focus to get hosts seen, heard, found, and rewarded in a noisy digital world.

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