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Slashing The Myth That Hosts Make Absolutely No Money In Podcast Sponsorship With Samantha Lee Wright Of The Essential Oil Revolution

Is it true that hosts make absolutely no money in podcast sponsorship? In this episode, Samantha Lee Wright of The Essential Oil Revolution challenges that myth. Join in the conversation as Samantha shares with Tracy Hazzard how she started from... Read More

Creating An Authentic Personal Podcast? Learn To Thrive And Grow Like Podcaster Jayme Tener, Blonde Haired Girl To Go

Authentic personal podcasts are a niche in the independent podcasting scene. However, that shouldn’t stop you from growing and aiming for a wider audience. Joining Tracy Hazzard is Jayme Tener, host of the Blonde Haired Girl To Go podcast. Jayme’s... Read More

Master Of Change: Advice For Strengthening Your Podcast Show Content Over Time From Alex Terranova Of The DreamMason Podcast

In the podcasting industry, only less than 1% drive income. Not everyone can be the next Joe Rogan. But while creating content that will last may seem a difficult feat doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Listen in to today’s... Read More

Drive Your Podcast Media Career Forward With Energy And Talent With Adam Posner, Host Of The Pozcast

Can you make a media career out of your podcast? It’s possible, and our guest shows you how. Tracy Hazzard sits down for a lively and insightful talk with the host of the Pozcast, Adam Posner. Adam shares how he... Read More

Deliver on Your Podcast Mission Just Like Active Duty Podcast Host Travis Johnson, the NonProfit Architect

How do you provide value and stay on target with your podcast mission? We find out in this episode as Tracy Hazzard sits down for an interview with the host of the Nonprofit Architect Podcast, Travis Johnson. Travis and Tracy... Read More

Empower World Good By Launching a Podcast Now with Kerryn Vaughan of the Get Off the Bench Podcast

Anyone can launch a podcast for a variety of reasons. For Kerryn Vaughan, she started her podcast to send a message and empower world good. Kerryn is an international speaker, facilitator, author, and host of the Get Off the Bench... Read More

Why A Carefully Structured Podcast Can Make High Power Media Attraction With Reena Friedman Watts Of Better Call Daddy

What is the secret of getting huge engagement on your podcast episodes? What is the right approach to achieve high-power media attraction for your show? Reena Friedman Watts shares with Tracy Hazzard how she built a carefully structured podcast with... Read More

How To Listen To A Success Podcast For Podcasters And Improve Your Show

The easiest thing you can probably do to learn a few strategies to improve your own podcast is to listen to other successful podcasts. But not just any successful podcast, but a podcast for podcasters in particular. In that way,... Read More

This Veteran Brings Power To His Podcast Purpose And Inspires A Tribe Too – Meet Otis McGregor Of The Cam & Otis Show

Having a clear and strong podcast purpose is key in running a show that will entice and engage the audience to stick around for more. This requires constant reinvention and innovation to keep the podcast going and eventually, build a... Read More