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TBF 83 | Leadership Advice Podcast

Why Accepting Your Podcast As A Live Experiment Is Success Making Advice From Melanie Parish Host Of The Experimental Leader Podcast

  Starting your platform can be a challenging undertaking, especially if you are starting to grow your following. ...

TBF 82 | Short Episodes

How To Gain A Niche Audience And Fascinate With Short Laser-Focused Episodes With Not A Momma Life Podcast Host Raphie Wagner

  When you look at the different podcast niches for women, one of the striking observations is how many tackle the ...

TBF 81 | Process Of Podfading

Podfading? Make Time To Affirm Your Purpose And Change Your Pace Just Like Brodie Welch Of A Healthy Curiosity Podcast

  With a lot of podcast shows today, especially during this time of everything virtual, many of them undergo the p ...

TBF 80 | Podcast Host

Gaining Confidence And Getting Comfortable With Being A Podcast Host With Podetize Social Media Strategist & Host Whitney Lauritsen Of This Might Get Uncomfortable Podcast

  Being a podcast host is a long, winding game that can get a bit challenging and uncomfortable for many. But by e ...

TBF 79 | Podcast Success

Why This Cyber Expert Knows Purposeful Commitment is the Heart of Podcast Success – Advice from All In with Rick Jordan

  Many people quit their podcasting journey even before they had begun for fear of producing something that isn’ ...

TBF 78 | Podcast Tech Fear

How to See Past Your Podcast Tech Fear to Move Listeners from Crisis to Opportunity with Amy Schmidt, Host of Fearlessly Facing Fifty

  One of the common things that hold people back from podcasting is the technical part of it. Just thinking about ...

Is Your Podcast Bingeworthy?

Want to make your content: your videos, blogs, and podcasts irresistible so that listeners binge on your every word and buy everything you have to sell? Then you need to get deep into The Binge Factor where Authority Magazine columnist, former Inc. Magazine columnist, and the host of five top-ranked podcasts, Tracy Hazzard, features top Brandcasters who are using audio, video, and written content to spread their brand messages to the world. Hear stories of how bingeable shows got started and learn success tips, pro strategies, and tactics that you can apply immediately to make sure that you get seen, heard, and found in this noisy digital world.

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Tracy Hazzard is an Authority Magazine columnist, former Inc. Columnist, and host of 5 top-ranked podcasts including, The Binge Factor and Feed Your Brand–one of CIO’s Top 26 Entrepreneur Podcasts. She is the co-founder of Podetize.com, the largest podcast post-production company in the U.S. As a content, product, and influence strategist for networks, corporations, marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, publications, speakers, authors & experts, Tracy influences and casts branded content with $2 Billion worth of product innovation around the world. Her innovative Brandcasters method and platform, provides businesses of all sizes a system to spread their content marketing message from video to podcast to blog, growing an engaged audience and retaining valuable platform authority without a lot of time, cost or effort.

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